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jobs, plants, breathe, repeat

So, here I am, still here, just on the other side of some things! School being the main one. Classes have been over for a month, and as of this past Friday, my five-week work term at the Gaelic College is … Continue reading

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life lately / may 23

  Whew, it’s Friday again. How does that happen!? Between lots of good stuff going on at my work term at the Gaelic College, and attending the Ideas Youth event on Wednesday, and having a job interview yesterday (yay! I’ll keep you … Continue reading

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glory in the green-ness

Well! It was quite the weekend! Nothing crazy and dramatic, really, but just some much-needed time at home. Saturday I spent a good six hours outside in the garden. Adam’s folks came over and they helped us save a limb … Continue reading

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garden advice needed: soil to fill the box?

Well, now, that’s obviously not what’s supposed to go there! Soon I’ll be getting this big larch wood planter box out onto the lawn and I’ll be looking to fill it with soil. I’d love advice on the best way to … Continue reading

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a walk behind the gaelic college, in springtime

This first picture, above, was taken last week on the MacKillop Road right behind the Gaelic College. Below is the same spot, yesterday: So it’s really great to be able to walk here on my lunch breaks! As you know … Continue reading

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hello, spring

I was walking yesterday on my lunch break at the Gaelic College, down a little road off to the side called MacKillop Road. The wind was warm and I could hear birds and a chipmunk. There was still some snow … Continue reading

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local food this time of year?

I was cracking open a bulb of garlic last night to use in my and Adam’s supper, a bulb that my Mom grew in her garden, and it got me thinking about local food and wondering what a local-food-eater would be … Continue reading

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