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where the magic is

When the world feels too much. When my ego is hungry for gratification and clings to social media like a tired toddler. When I’ve forgotten who I am. I go outside.  

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30walks: White Point

Last week I drove down to Ingonish and Neil’s Harbour. I stopped in Ingonish at Salty Rose’s and then in Neil’s Harbour to visit a friend who is in the nursing home there. Those were the main reasons for my … Continue reading

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30walks: Johnson Lake

Well, my 30walks project sat on the back burner for a bit there, but now I’m ready to get back into it! (These pictures were taken April 25th, so that’s why there is snow. I’ll have to go back to … Continue reading

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glory in the green-ness

Well! It was quite the weekend! Nothing crazy and dramatic, really, but just some much-needed time at home. Saturday I spent a good six hours outside in the garden. Adam’s folks came over and they helped us save a limb … Continue reading

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where is your “spot”?

Chances are there is at least one place on Cape Breton Island where you go and you feel connected to the island, where you love to gaze out over the horizon, take a deep breath, and listen to the silence. … Continue reading

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Yesterday I took a walk in the field near our house, and I came upon some sorrel. My mother introduced me to this plant when I was a kid and I love its sour, tangy taste. I crouched down and … Continue reading

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sacred sundays: uisge ban falls

I was raised by an agnostic and a Buddhist, both of whom didn’t care one way or another for church services. As a result, my brother and I weren’t discouraged nor encouraged to attend church – if we wanted to, … Continue reading

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