Yesterday I took a walk in the field near our house, and I came upon some sorrel. My mother introduced me to this plant when I was a kid and I love its sour, tangy taste. I crouched down and picked some and ate it, feeling very much like some sort of bovine. Next summer I hope to be in North Sydney full time (as opposed to this last summer when I worked in Baddeck during the week and went home on weekends), with more time to garden. I miss it very much! And if I do, you know I’ll be planting some sorrel.


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2 Responses to sorrel

  1. haya says:

    a few years ago, my parents had some friends over and they brought their 4 year old boy with them to visit and i was tasked with entertaining him. it was summer, so everyone was sitting out on the patio. i took him on a tour of the backyard and showed him all the interesting plants my mom had growing and he was completely blown away by the herbs (mint, mostly) that you could just pull a leaf off and eat. that concept had never occurred to him.

  2. Joe SoltesZ says:

    I love this stuff too!

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