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how i feel about Archibald’s Wharf

  I’ll keep this brief, because, hey, the Internet is full to the brim with opinions, and lengthy ones at that. But, I do want to weigh in on this issue that’s really taken hold of the community where I … Continue reading

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quick post Friday

North Sydney at 6:40 am, today. On my way to the 6:45 yoga class. Going there I’m excited, and afterwards I’m stretched out and good. I’m always glad I went. Throughout? I’ll tell you a secret that’s probably not really … Continue reading

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stretching and flexing

Yesterday I went to yoga. I hadn’t been there in two or three weeks. Summer’s been busy, I’d been lazy, or just needing a break from weekly yoga, and it was a little hard to convince myself to get my … Continue reading

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quick post Friday

Maduinn mhath dhut! (“Good morning!” Pronounced “Matin va goot”.) This morning I went out in a Zodiac with two fellows, and took pictures of North Sydney’s downtown from the water, for a project I’m working on with the North Sydney … Continue reading

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how sweet it is

A quick post today! Because: It’s my week to do the “Share That You Care” graphic, and it’s not done yet. I also want to: walk in Munro Park (the spot in the picture above), shower, get ready for a … Continue reading

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30walks: Johnson Lake

Well, my 30walks project sat on the back burner for a bit there, but now I’m ready to get back into it! (These pictures were taken April 25th, so that’s why there is snow. I’ll have to go back to … Continue reading

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one small change

  It’s super cheesy. I know. But it also happens to be absolutely true: The simplest thing, the attitude in my head, completely changes how I see the street I walk on, the sky above me, the people I meet, and … Continue reading

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