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Maduinn mhath dhut! (“Good morning!” Pronounced “Matin va goot”.)

This morning I went out in a Zodiac with two fellows, and took pictures of North Sydney’s downtown from the water, for a project I’m working on with the North Sydney BIDA (which is North Sydney’s downtown business association, essentially — BIDA stands for Business Improvement and Development Association).

Before that, I drank some coffee with Adam out of our new Chicago mugs (we went to Chicago last week), as the picture shows, and now I’m getting ready for a day of mini-adventuring in the St. Ann’s Bay/North River area, for which I must practice my Gaelic a bit. Hurray! Life is good. Have a great Friday!

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2 Responses to quick post Friday

  1. Rhonda H. says:

    Ahhhh I already miss all that water in Cape Breton! Have fun on your adventure!!

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