oh yes, Chicago!


Chicago, Chicago, Chicago.

I will not soon be forgetting the week there!

It’s hard to really describe it in a way that’s not just “the buildings were tall! we had fun!” (although both of those are true), so I’ll just do some counting instead:

Eight days, three Phish concerts, many city busses and L-train rides, countless passersby, dozens of hugs and “pleased to meet you”s with Adam’s dearest friends, two very sore feet, one big smiling face. Three Chicago-style hot dogs, two pieces of Lou Malnati’s deep-dish pizza, one Italian Beef sandwich. Too many $14 strawberry-ritas (at the concerts), one delicious mimosa at brunch at Toast, lots of water bottle refills to stay hydrated. One sweet visit to a free zoo, one baseball game, hundreds of beautiful architectural details. Dozens of bubbles blown, five or six sidewalk chalk drawings, and one red yarn “gypso halo” bought from a couple at the concert for $10.

And of course, probably too many photos! I’m sharing 39 here today, which likely breaks a blogging rule of some kind (“don’t overwhelm your posts with superfluous photos”) but today, I do not care.


chicagotrip201403 chicagotrip201404 chicagotrip201405 chicagotrip201406 chicagotrip201407 chicagotrip201408 chicagotrip201409 chicagotrip201410 chicagotrip201411 chicagotrip201412 chicagotrip201413 chicagotrip201414 chicagotrip201415 chicagotrip201416 chicagotrip201417 chicagotrip201418 chicagotrip201420 chicagotrip201421 chicagotrip201422 chicagotrip201423 chicagotrip201424 chicagotrip201425 chicagotrip201426 chicagotrip201427 chicagotrip201428 chicagotrip201429 chicagotrip201430 chicagotrip201431 chicagotrip201432 chicagotrip201433 chicagotrip201434 chicagotrip201435 chicagotrip201436 chicagotrip201437 chicagotrip201438 chicagotrip201439 chicagotrip201440

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2 Responses to oh yes, Chicago!

  1. Mary Southwell says:

    I love seeing lots of photos (probably why I love Instagram so much)! Looks like you guys had an amazing time 🙂

  2. Pam says:

    Looks like an amazing trip! Love all the photos.

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