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at yoga last night

My mind: Why why why why why why why? My body: Because, oh because, because, because this. This feeling. ++++ Photo taken this morning.

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quick post Friday

North Sydney at 6:40 am, today. On my way to the 6:45 yoga class. Going there I’m excited, and afterwards I’m stretched out and good. I’m always glad I went. Throughout? I’ll tell you a secret that’s probably not really … Continue reading

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stretching and flexing

Yesterday I went to yoga. I hadn’t been there in two or three weeks. Summer’s been busy, I’d been lazy, or just needing a break from weekly yoga, and it was a little hard to convince myself to get my … Continue reading

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four new goals

It’s past the middle of the year now and I’m ready to ditch my first four simple goals and call them done. And, I’m ready to make four new goals! First, an catch-up and an update: Catch-up: This is the post … Continue reading

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what if // 1

(Feel free to think I’m bonkers. I do, half the time!) The background: On the weekend I went to a “Laughing yoga” class at the Green Lotus Studio in Sydney, because I’d heard that laughter is super good for you, … Continue reading

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making me happy // doing yoga again

A few years ago my co-worker at the time, Flossie, walked in the door of the marina and said she had been to a yoga class the night before, that it had been incredible, and I should go try it … Continue reading

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Whale Cove yoga

The woman who teaches the yoga class I go to, Faye Chipchase, does this thing in the summer that she calls “Yoga on the rocks”. It’s a free session somewhere near the water that coincides with the full moon. Anyone … Continue reading

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