Whale Cove yoga

Photo: Tanya MacLean

The woman who teaches the yoga class I go to, Faye Chipchase, does this thing in the summer that she calls “Yoga on the rocks”. It’s a free session somewhere near the water that coincides with the full moon. Anyone can go.

Last week she held one on the bluff overlooking the ocean, at Whale Cove (near Margaree Harbour), and I was able to go.

I’d been debating whether or not to go. You know how it is – at the end of a workday you’re tired and you think, “Would I rather go home and get in my comfy pants? I think I would!”

But, I’m so glad I went. The weather was sweet and balmy. All the people there – around thirty! – seemed giddy with the pleasure of coming together in this beautiful spot to do stretches and exercises and meditation.

It reminded me, yet again, that being outside is so good for my soul, and something I need to ensure I get lots and lots of, if I want to feel balanced and happy. Like fertilizer for a plant, being outside is for me!

All photos are by me, unless otherwise noted.

To find out more about Faye’s yoga classes, email her at fayebchipchase@gmail.com

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5 Responses to Whale Cove yoga

  1. Heather says:

    Possibly my most favorite place on the island. I tramped up that hill every summer as a child…and I must do it again this year!

  2. “Yoga on the Rocks” — clever!

    The photos are beautiful.

  3. Nice! Great idea – great spot

  4. Rhonda H. says:

    Ohhh looks like fun! I want to do that this summer when I come to visit Cape Breton Island!

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