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four new goals

It’s past the middle of the year now and I’m ready to ditch my first four simple goals and call them done. And, I’m ready to make four new goals! First, an catch-up and an update: Catch-up: This is the post … Continue reading

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four simple goals // “move more” update

My doctor once said to me, “The medication you take is great for your anxiety, but for the mild depression you sometimes experience, really, exercise is just as good as this medication.” That was one of those things a person says … Continue reading

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two walks

At the start of this year I set myself some goals. One of them was to move more. To that end I’ve been keeping track of my daily movement on a little calendar, in crayon. (And no, the colours of … Continue reading

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Q+A with Wayne McKay

Wayne McKay is another one of those people that I became friends with online, and I haven’t yet had the chance to meet him in “real life.” But I know that when I do, we’ll have lots to chat about. … Continue reading

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