two walks


At the start of this year I set myself some goals. One of them was to move more. To that end I’ve been keeping track of my daily movement on a little calendar, in crayon. (And no, the colours of the crayons are not keyed to anything. Just random, as I pull them from the box!)

I’ll be writing about my goals and what I’ve done towards them since January 1st, soon, but for now I just wanted to share some photos of a walk I took two days ago and one I took yesterday.


The day before yesterday I got to school early and parked my car. Then I locked the doors and headed along a road that goes behind the school. It goes out to the orange water tower and then to a sort of gravel pit/dumping area for old concrete, and I’ve done the walk a couple of times now, usually after school, before I leave for home. There is also a field out here and what looks like a one-track lane, heading out over the field. (It’s covered in snow right now so it’s hard to tell for sure.) There are usually cross-country ski tracks along it, as well.


I like the fifteen minutes of “woods time” that this little walk gives me. I hear birds in the trees, a crow that sits on the water tower or on the electrical towers, and the silence of snowy woods, a dense and delicious silence.


Day before yesterday, I looked across the field and happened to notice an orange sort of smudge along its edge. It reminded me of the willow that Mum grows in her garden. I thought, “Is that a willow plantation?” So of course I went to nose around.

walk_one5 walk_one6

There was this old beauty of an apple tree, too. I’ll bet in springtime, this is frothy and fabulous with blossoms.
walk_one7 walk_one8

One of the piles of concrete loves me!


Then, yesterday, I was a few minutes early to meet Adam at the grocery store in Sydney River. (Tuesday is our grocery day, as there is a 10%-off student discount.) I decided to take advantage of the minutes before he got there, and stretch my legs and get some movement in.


It was cold and windy, but I had on my long down coat, which I affectionately call “the sleeping bag.” And I wanted to have a look at the bridge that is getting replaced. I only got as far as the first parked car you can see in this photo before getting nervous of seeming weird, hanging around the construction site, so I turned back.


(So instead I seemed weird by taking photos of the “Riverview” train trestle.)

walk_two4 walk_two5 Have a great Wednesday!

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