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your bravery looks different than you think

This morning I got a Glitterbomb in my email. (I do every morning, and this is where you can sign up for that glittery goodness from Tiffany Han.) It said, “Your bravery looks different than you think.” And that made … Continue reading

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annual Fall break

I’d been feeling the need the last few weeks, to stop blogging for a bit. Just, I was feeling not super enthused about writing posts or sharing my life online, and also wanting to free up some of my time and … Continue reading

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on making adjustments as you go

I’m taking a break from posting Links Loved — and anything else — on the weekend. The thought came to me as I was taking a walk this morning, down in Munro Park, along the shore of North Sydney Harbour. … Continue reading

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stretching and flexing

Yesterday I went to yoga. I hadn’t been there in two or three weeks. Summer’s been busy, I’d been lazy, or just needing a break from weekly yoga, and it was a little hard to convince myself to get my … Continue reading

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why we are lazy on Sundays

Something Adam has done for me is teach me the value of the lazy Sunday. I am getting better at believing in its power, and in trusting in it enough to not make plans on Sundays. You see, I am … Continue reading

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just keepin’ it real

Today I don’t really have much in terms of a post, but I’m going to jot a few words down anyway, because I do want to post something. I guess it’s for the sake of “keepin’ it real”? Cuz, that’s a thing, right? … Continue reading

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“conference hangover”

… is totally a thing. I got home at 3 from another busy and inspiring day yesterday at the Creative Economy conference and went straight to bed. I briefly considered going for a walk or doing some yoga but by … Continue reading

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