“conference hangover”

… is totally a thing.

I got home at 3 from another busy and inspiring day yesterday at the Creative Economy conference and went straight to bed.

I briefly considered going for a walk or doing some yoga but by the time I got in the door I realized just how exhausted I was.

I didn’t even check my Facebook, which I hadn’t looked at all day because I no longer have it on my smart phone. Just pulled the blinds and got in bed and conked out for three hours.

I think, especially for creative community-builders who frequently do things voluntarily, it’s really important to recognize and respect our own physical and mental limits. Not in order to make excuses and say “I can’t do something,” but in order to pay respect to our bodies and minds that work really hard and then need a break.

I was all revved up after the conference and wanted to write six different blog posts, and clean my house, and follow up with the people I had met, but… my body and mind needed to sleep.

So I did. And it was so, so good.

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