why we are lazy on Sundays

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Something Adam has done for me is teach me the value of the lazy Sunday.

I am getting better at believing in its power, and in trusting in it enough to not make plans on Sundays.

You see, I am a little bit addicted to my “to-do” list. I get a lot of validation from ‘getting things done,’ and get a bit panicked if I am spending time just being. And while I think there is value in getting things done, I also have come to understand the need to be idle, too.

On Sundays, we are idle. We sleep in. No alarms are set. We drink coffee with a little Baileys in it. Sometimes we make a fried breakfast. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes I’ll check in with the Internet, sometimes I don’t at all. And the silence that creates in my mind is so peaceful, so restful.

Yesterday, after breakfast, I lay on the couch and read a while. Then I put the book down, closed my eyes, and fell asleep a little more.

Later, I got up and ate cucumbers and tomatoes with crackers, cheese and mayo for lunch. I went to the beach, read my book, and swam. And on the way home I stopped and sat in the parking lot of Lick-a-Treat and ate a small mint chocolate-chip ice cream cone.

That’s the kind of “to-do” list I like to tend to on Sundays.

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4 Responses to why we are lazy on Sundays

  1. John Evans says:

    Good morning Ms. Noble:
    I enjoy reading your blog and this morning is no exception. Not long ago, Sunday was an official day of rest…well at least it seemed that way….stores were closed…and church bells rang in the morning….I could even hear the bells from North Sydney across the harbour from me. My family always got together for supper and everyone took it cool….a true lazy Sunday!
    But now, everyone is trying to cram what they can into that one day…Sunday. Hey I’m guilty too….it’s nice to drop buy the grocery store to pick up this and that….but with proper planning…I could do without that trip.
    I believe Nova Scotia was one of the last places to hold out on Sunday shopping….and to think a Cape Bretoner changed that….tisk tisk (premier Rodney MacDonald) did bother me and many more…but change we did…well…some of us did…lol
    Enjoy your future Sundays!

    • leahcnoble says:

      Thank you so much, John, for the comment! You’re right, Sunday was an official day of rest, and I like to think of what we do on Sundays as a kind of Sabbath, even if we’re not religious.

  2. Corinne Phillips says:

    Well done Leah. I, too, am a ‘to do’ list person. In order to ‘get it all done’ I find it a complete necessity to have them located in all my spaces, work, car, kitchen, living room desk. If you can name a space I have a list in it. Filling all our hours with tasks can be taxing on the mind as well as the body. So, in our efforts to see the bottom of these lists we use all the hours we can find. You, have found a very important life key. You have a terrific life filled with many many joys, as well as these lists. Adam had indeed given you a great gift, one to cherish. Allowing yourself time to ‘just be’ should definitely be on a list..a Sunday list. Enjoy!

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