on making adjustments as you go


I’m taking a break from posting Links Loved — and anything else — on the weekend. The thought came to me as I was taking a walk this morning, down in Munro Park, along the shore of North Sydney Harbour.

As I was power-walking along the wooden boardwalk, music in my earbuds, I was thinking about how my life feels a little too full right now. While I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the abundance of all the things (work, love, friends, blog, freelance work, home, garden), I also want and need to acknowledge my own feelings, as I work towards my dream life.

The great thing about living your dream is, it’s not “happily-ever-after”, it’s actually day-by-day, and you get to make adjustments as you go.

But the hard thing about living your dream is, it’s not “happily-ever-after”, it’s day-by-day, and you have to make adjustments as you go. Fear is always there, in the back of my mind and likely yours too: that little voice saying “But what if? What if?” What if I disappoint people? What if they don’t like me anymore? What if I fail?

Anyway, I guess I’m telling you these weekend thoughts of mine, because I believe strongly in being honest and transparent, and that if I’m going to work to inspire people to follow their dreams too, then I want to be honest about the fact that following one’s dream and one’s heart is not all sunshine, rainbows and kittens. Or, in other words, excited Instagram photos, parties, and radio shows.

Sometimes it’s introspection, making choices on what not to do, and walks by the beach.

(And that’s not too bad, either.)

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7 Responses to on making adjustments as you go

  1. Rhonda H. says:

    And what is wonderful is that you recognize that and allow it to happen.

  2. peady says:

    You are so smart to listen to your own brain! Sometimes dialling it all back a bit is best.

    I am glad you walked along the beach. That was a very good use of your time!

  3. marianwhit says:

    Guard your time. Your original writing and thoughts are far more interesting (to me) than posting others’ links. I am not casting aspersions on them at all, and links are wonderful, but not necessary.

  4. Lynn Hussey says:

    Yup..love just straight from the heart posts..we can all identify with that! Thanks for sharing Leah.

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