Friday-1 Friday-2 Friday-3 Friday-4 Friday-5 Friday-6 Friday-7 Yesterday I went out to Big Baddeck after work, with Mary Jane (my boyfriend’s mum, who, despite the fact that I’m not actually married to her son, I call my mother-in-law), and met my own mum, for a meal at The Bite House. (Here is the meal I had there in August.)

The flavours were so expertly blended and matched. The conversation was witty, hearty and connecting. The wine, well, the wine was simply divine.

I love Fall. The textures, the coziness, the cool air, the colours!

Also, I love playing with photos in Illustrator. Here is the photo just above, taken into Illustrator and vectorized, and then messed with a little bit:



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2 Responses to Fall-ing

  1. Susan Z says:

    Been away so catching up on your blogs, Leah. The vectorized photo looks like caramel, looks edible, looks inviting and warm and melting in my mouth! — Susan

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