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Yesterday I went out to Big Baddeck after work, with Mary Jane (my boyfriend’s mum, who, despite the fact that I’m not actually married to her son, I call my mother-in-law), and met my own mum, for a meal at … Continue reading

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multitude monday / sep 29

My friend and former design classmate Katie MacLennan writes a great blog called Polka Dot Soup. On it she writes a post some Mondays called “Multitude Monday.” She writes, “Mondays are about documenting the little (or big!) things in life that make me oh-so-happy. Let’s … Continue reading

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Colin’s painting

Colin Elliott, my boyfriend’s dad, worked as a mechanical engineer his whole working life, starting in England and then coming over to Canada, and then working as a salesperson in machinery. He’s also a talented carpenter, and in his retirement years … Continue reading

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We are not alone

Today I had a dentist appointment in Baddeck. My dentist, Stuart MacDonald, books cleanings something like six months in advance, so back in June when I had my last cleaning, they booked my next one. “Does it matter what day … Continue reading

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travelling to NJ

The weekend was good. I mean, it was sad too. Yesterday I shed some tears for sure when we were sprinkling Grandpa’s ashes at the base of a tree. But it’s been overall really good. We stood in a circle … Continue reading

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in loving memory: Paul Noble

My Grandpa, Paul Noble, passed away last month. He was 91 years old. His dear wife Isabel had passed on five years before and at the time we all expected he would be right after her. But, he wasn’t. He … Continue reading

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vive le quebec!

This post is a doozy! Forty-five photos, so be warned. Getting out of Dodge – just like in “Under the Tuscan Sun,” which, yes, is one of my favorite movies – sometimes a person needs to just get away. Enough … Continue reading

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