a meal at The Bite House

IMG_4025 Back in August I was invited to a birthday party for my rad friend Adele LeBlanc, to be held at the Bite House Restaurant.


The Bite House is the new venture of chef Bryan Picard. (Read here where I interviewed him for this blog back in 2012!) It’s a restaurant that changes its menu every month, and which uses local ingredients. Bryan wrote the blog of the same name for several years as he worked as a chef in other restaurants, and now he has realized his dream of having his own restaurant. img_2868 img_2870 img_2871

Before everyone else arrived (because for once I was early!), I toured the gardens with a glass of wine and my camera. img_2874 img_2877 img_2888 img_2901 img_2909 img_2910

Once the others arrived, they too toured the gardens.
img_4037Then dinner was served. And oh my… what a dinner! This first course was cucumber gazpacho, northern shrimp and buttermilk.


The second course was pork shoulder, rye flatbread, basil and spiced slaw.

img_2916 img_2917 And it was good to the last slurp!

img_2922 The third course was scallops, caramelized cauliflower, and herb pesto.

As it got darker, my pictures got less and less clear, so I won’t share the photos I took of the fourth and fifth courses (grilled zucchini, farmstead gouda, beef rib bacon, and summer berries, cream biscuit, and wild flower syrup, respectively). Trust me: they tasted and looked divine.

Edit: Two things I forgot to mention that were a huge part of why the Bite House experience was so great: the all-local Nova Scotian wine on the menu (and you know I love that wine) and our server, the attentive + funny + beautiful Barbara Ross Neilsen.

Overall, The Bite House delivered a fresh, entertaining, delightful dining experience, and I’ll be going back soon. (October 2nd, to be precise.)

Have you been?

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