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summer 2014: i want to remember

And just like that, it’s autumn again! Holy cats, time really does speed up the older you get. The adults from when I was a kid were not lying. To be honest, I’m really pumped for Fall. I love cooler weather. … Continue reading

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a meal at The Bite House

Back in August I was invited to a birthday party for my rad friend Adele LeBlanc, to be held at the Bite House Restaurant. The Bite House is the new venture of chef Bryan Picard. (Read here where I interviewed … Continue reading

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links loved / aug 23

This is a sneak peek picture: from when I went to The Bite House last month. (I’ll be sharing all the pictures here on the blog soon!) Happppyy Weekend! Woot! I’ve got a good mix of nice laid-back plans and … Continue reading

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links loved / july 26

Well, I haven’t done one of these in what feels like ages, but is really only more like two weeks! So, the background: inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe’s weekend links series, I like to post a little list on Saturdays … Continue reading

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quick post Friday / july 11

Over at the Share That You Care Facebook page, today I shared a graphic that I made using coloured pencils (and Photoshop too, afterwards). Above here is a pic I snapped last night while I was working on it, which … Continue reading

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a quick strawberry sketch

Thought process: “It’s 7 am. What am I going to blog about today?” “Hmm, I like cherries. Maybe I’ll whip out my sketchbook and draw these cherries I’ve been munching on for a half hour while I made Adam’s lunch.” … Continue reading

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berries and a beach

Yesterday I spent the morning doing some cleaning in the house. (And, some thinking about cleaning, it’s frustrations and the joy of having it done, too. Mulling stuff for a post down the road.) Then it was time to get … Continue reading

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