a quick strawberry sketch


Thought process: “It’s 7 am. What am I going to blog about today?”

“Hmm, I like cherries. Maybe I’ll whip out my sketchbook and draw these cherries I’ve been munching on for a half hour while I made Adam’s lunch.”

(Yup, I just admitted that I make Adam’s lunch.)

“Wait, cherries aren’t local, and I’ve just said on the blog I want to eat more local.”

“OK, the strawberries I bought the other day are local. I’ll draw them.”


“Maybe I’ll do a blog post about how to enjoy your summer.”

“Oh, what am I doing? This is going to look awful.”

“Well, I’ll give it a shot anyway.”


“Ooh, this coral red is perfect!”

“This isn’t looking half bad…”

drawingaberry4 “I actually like this a lot!”

“Now let’s add a word… summer!”

Summer here in Cape Breton is short. Blink and you’ll miss it. Another month and it will be almost over.

So, I’m outta here! Off to explore a part of the island with a new friend.

Have a lovely day!


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