30walks: Johnson Lake


Well, my 30walks project sat on the back burner for a bit there, but now I’m ready to get back into it!

(These pictures were taken April 25th, so that’s why there is snow. I’ll have to go back to this spot soon and see what it’s like without snow!)

Background: I turned 30 this year. On my birthday, in April, I decided to start a new documentation/adventure project, called 30walks. You can read the first post about it here.

This is walk #: 1.

This walk is at: Johnson Lake, just outside of North Sydney. Exit 3 off the TCH has a parking lot. Park there, and you’ll see an ATV road going to the right, between the lake and the highway. Follow that. At the end of the lake, the trail turns in to the left, into the woods.

Easyness to find: pretty easy.

Easyness to walk: pretty easy.

Other notes: I didn’t go as far as I might have liked in, because I was alone and nobody actually knew where I was. (I hadn’t told anyone I was going there.) But it seems like the trails continue for a fair ways, maybe even all the way around the lake? The rock formations lining one part of the trail were really neat and made me wish for a geologist to tell me all about them. Overall, a really nice walk (except the part along the highway, but, oh well), and one I’ll be going back to, especially since it’s so close to where I live.


The parking lot at exit 3 and my rental car at the time. (This was just after I had hit the deer.)


The ATV road that goes down between the lake and the highway.

30walks1-johnsonlake03 30walks1-johnsonlake04 30walks1-johnsonlake06 30walks1-johnsonlake08 30walks1-johnsonlake11 30walks1-johnsonlake12 30walks1-johnsonlake13 30walks1-johnsonlake14 30walks1-johnsonlake15 30walks1-johnsonlake16 30walks1-johnsonlake17 30walks1-johnsonlake18 30walks1-johnsonlake19 30walks1-johnsonlake20 30walks1-johnsonlake22 30walks1-johnsonlake23 30walks1-johnsonlake24 30walks1-johnsonlake25 30walks1-johnsonlake26 30walks1-johnsonlake27 30walks1-johnsonlake28 30walks1-johnsonlake29 30walks1-johnsonlake30 30walks1-johnsonlake31 30walks1-johnsonlake32 30walks1-johnsonlake33

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