where is your “spot”?

WhereIsYourSpot Chances are there is at least one place on Cape Breton Island where you go and you feel connected to the island, where you love to gaze out over the horizon, take a deep breath, and listen to the silence. Or maybe it’s not a grand vista, but a quiet hollow, or ravine.

For me, well, there are lots of beautiful spots on the island that I love to check out. But if I had to pick just one “spot”, it would have to be the St. Ann’s Bay look off on Kelly’s Mountain. I’ll often pull over there when I’m driving by, and just take a second from whatever mission I’m on, and look out. I feel like an eagle soaring on the wind.

You don’t have to share where your spot is, if it’s private and sacred. But just go there, for a second, in your mind, right now.

And if you feel like sharing, feel free! I’d love to hear.


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6 Responses to where is your “spot”?

  1. Adam says:

    I’ve got lots of spots: South Harbour Beach, Gull Cove, Green Cove, Cape Clear, Beinn Bhiorach, Janvrin’s Island, the top of Franey…
    Come to think of it, all of Cape Breton is my spot.

  2. Sandy Foster, Grant st. in summer says:

    Lake O’Law on a misty morn……

  3. Down by the river at Danny Neil’s Bridge in Middle River šŸ™‚

  4. Lori Ferens says:

    Green Cove, on the Cabot Trail in northern Cape Breton, is a spectacular site to go and be awed by the raw beauty of nature. So sad that that it’s going to be paved over to build a ‘seasonal access only’ war memorial that will destroy 5 acres of pristine land inside one of our best national parks. šŸ˜¦

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