colour week next week (play along!)


I took this photo on March 8th at the Open Hearth Park in Sydney.

Next week, Monday through Friday, I’m going to do a “colour week” here on the blog.

What the heck is a colour week? Each day of the week will be dedicated to a different colour. I’ll seek out things in that colour to snap photos of, just in my day-to-day life. Then I’ll post them on the blog. You can see examples of other bloggers doing colour weeks here and here.

Monday — Red (pictures will be posted on Tuesday)
Tuesday — Orange (pictures will be posted on Wednesday)
Wednesday — Yellow (pictures will be posted on Thursday)
Thursday — Green (pictures will be posted on Friday)
Friday — Blue (pictures will be posted on Saturday)

Whew! Hope I didn’t lose you there. I’d love it if you played along! If you have a blog, or on Instagram (maybe we can even get a hashtag going, maybe #capebretoncolourweek?) or on Facebook or wherever you want, really. It’s just for fun, to challenge my eye, and to seek out bright and fun colour at a time of year that can start feeling a bit drab (when will winter ever end? etc).

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2 Responses to colour week next week (play along!)

  1. Thanks you very nice site!

  2. Krista says:

    Love it! I definitely need more colourful days in my life.

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