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life lately // may 2014

Loving the light. Driving over Kelly’s Mountain Monday through Friday twice a day. Passing lots of trucks on their way up that mountain. Being a little scared; have you seen the size of my car? Working on: a logo for a … Continue reading

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a walk behind the gaelic college, in springtime

This first picture, above, was taken last week on the MacKillop Road right behind the Gaelic College. Below is the same spot, yesterday: So it’s really great to be able to walk here on my lunch breaks! As you know … Continue reading

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links loved: the Gaidhlig edition

Well, after spending one full work week at Colaisde Na Gaidhlig / The Gaelic College, I’m hooked on the Celtic culture! I suppose one can’t help it, being surrounded by it. The place is so lively! Margie’s office, where I … Continue reading

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work term is great, and the time is flying

The last two days have flown by. Seriously, I am not quite sure where they went, so it’s good that I have photographic evidence! Because I’m just not happy when I’m not blogging, I decided to write this quick post just after supper … Continue reading

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Out Of Black Cove

Last night I went to the Gaelic College to see the play “Out of Black Cove” by Bev Brett. Reason #1 being that my brother was in it, but reason #2, a very close second, being that I love everything … Continue reading

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