Out Of Black Cove



Last night I went to the Gaelic College to see the play “Out of Black Cove” by Bev Brett. Reason #1 being that my brother was in it, but reason #2, a very close second, being that I love everything Bev Brett and the St. Ann’s Bay Players do.

My friend and I got there early so we wandered the grounds, talking about the college and sharing our memories of the place. She went there as a kid, and I did not, but still, the place seems like it has always just been there.





Knowing that our friends were over in Whale Cove doing some yoga on the bluff, we climbed to the top of the tower and did some yoga of our own.


Todd Hiscock as AWR MacKenzie, the founder of the Gaelic College.


Forgive the crappy iPhone shot. From left, Jitka Zgola as Mary MacLeod, Frank MacKenzie as Rev. Norman MacLeod, Peggy Jenkins as Jessie, and Michele Stephens as Younger Anna.


At intermission I snuck backstage to give my brother a hug. Here he is with his castmates George Dauphney as Kenny and Frank MacKenzie as Rev. Norman Macleod.



Overall I thought the play was wonderful. Bev Brett is such a talented playwright – she weaves comedy and drama together into a beautiful cloth. Watching the play, history did come alive. It was easy to be interested in the stories, the twin stories of the Normanites, and the Gaelic College founders, because they were human, just like us, with love, passion, fear and strife just like we have now.

I also thought it was interesting how one of the most common themes here today, whether or not to leave, was present in Scotland in the 1850’s and in Cape Breton in the 1930’s. Perhaps it will always be so.

Anyway, a huge kudos to everyone involved with this play – truly a labor of love, it was so well done!

(It’s on tonight for the last time. Call the Gaelic College for more information – 295-3411.)

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3 Responses to Out Of Black Cove

  1. Sandy Foster says:

    Great Show…. Worth the time to see.

  2. Dave says:

    We recently cycled the Cabot Trail and visiting the Gaelic College was high on our list. It just so happens the rehearsal for the play was happening when we visited the Hall of the Clans, so we heard a bit if the show.

    Cheers to you for your blog, and the issues you are grappling with. We had a number of conversations with various people about the economic situation and the choices people face in order to live on Cape Breton. This led us to consider what we would, or what we would suggest and found there were not easy answers. I’m quick to think “I’d start a cottage business”, but even that, depending on what it is, takes time, resources, and commitment. A good solution for some, I’m sure, but not all.

    • leahcnoble says:

      Cool! Thanks for commenting, Dave! I checked out your blog too and I’ll be following it. I’m glad you came to CB for an adventure and I hope you stay in touch.

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