life lately // may 2014


Loving the light.

Driving over Kelly’s Mountain Monday through Friday twice a day.

Passing lots of trucks on their way up that mountain. Being a little scared; have you seen the size of my car?

Working on: a logo for a small fashion line to be sold at the Gaelic College, little cards to have artist write-ups on them for the Craft Shop, interviews with people involved in KitchenFest!, powerpoint presentations, and whatever else Margie throws my way.

Leaving the dishes to be done another day.

Working in my spare time on: materials for a new friend’s lumber mill and forge (business cards, posters, signs, Facebook), another friend’s website copywriting, and this blog.

Dreaming up ideas that I can’t execute on just now, and writing them down so I don’t forget.

Wondering where the time goes. (I’m three weeks in to my work term at the moment!)

Laughing a lot with the people I’m working with. Which makes me laugh more at home too!

Spending time relaxing with Adam, too, not as much as I’d like but enough that we both feel like life is semi-balanced. (Is it ever totally balanced?)

Craving some nature time, which I will carve out this weekend.

Learning by doing about “gettin ‘er done” and cranking out the work. (Key for me is logging out of Facebook for an hour at a time — you all know how much I love Facebook.)

Poking around in my garden and admiring the new shoots and growth.

Hearing about jobs and applying for them, and having options! Something I never really thought would happen here. I might have hoped for it, but to actually live it is weird! And good.

Remembering to breathe.

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1 Response to life lately // may 2014

  1. peady says:

    That last one is crucial. 😉

    I love your photo. That water is so calm. Wow!

    I hope all your dreams come true.

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