life lately / may 23



When I get bored printing things or copying things, I just look up: this is the view from inside the copy room at the Gaelic College.


I tried out a pedometer this week (borrowed from one of the library branches). Potential upcoming post on that. This step count was taken early in the day!


My friend Nicole taking a picture. (We were walking around the North End before we went to the Ideas Youth talk.)


Not-so-great iPhone shot of some really great dancers at the Ideas Youth event!


I forgot I had ordered these cards from Elise when she did a pop-up sale a week or so before. A nice surprise in my mailbox! Love the hashtag one…

Whew, it’s Friday again. How does that happen!? Between lots of good stuff going on at my work term at the Gaelic College, and attending the Ideas Youth event on Wednesday, and having a job interview yesterday (yay! I’ll keep you all posted) and trying to keep on top of the dishes at home, well, the week has flown by.

Tomorrow I’m going on a trek across the island to a baby shower for a dear friend. I’m excited!

Sunday, I’m hoping to spend some more time in the garden. I don’t even care if it’s raining, I’m going to go out there anyway! Yesterday in the evening, I transplanted some lilacs I got from an abandoned property, and tried sticking some forsythia branches in the ground to see if they’ll take. Just those few minutes in the garden made me want to spend entire days there.

Anyway back to work! Have a great Friday.


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3 Responses to life lately / may 23

  1. peady says:

    I really love your blog. Also, every time I am here the coveting of the CB stickers you created grows! 😀

    I *love* those cards. LOL! OMG! BTW, WTG! Cool!

    Glad it’s been a good week! Good luck on the job front! Happy Friday!

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