links loved / may 24


Inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe’s series “weekend links,” each Saturday I post a list of fun things like articles, blog posts by others, and goodies that I got a kick out of, and I hope you will too. Spread the love! And have a great weekend. xo Leah


I’ve been listening to Cape Breton fiddler Rachel Davis’s album “Turns” a lot while working at the Gaelic College, and her delicately-sung version of “Spanish Bay” is just beautiful. “She said she didn’t want to stay, she’d rather live on a farm in Spanish Bay,” has been stuck in my head a lot, in a good way.

(Fun fact: Spanish Bay was at one time the name of the Sydney area.)

Sarah Von Bargen of the blog “Yes and Yes” on how frustration is actually the time of personal growth.

Rachel Cole on the importance of crying in public.

I loved this fun, simple, interactive way of reminding myself that today is actually really small in the scheme of things.

Susan Hyatt on what to do if it feels like you need to change everything about your life, rightthissecond.

The Bloggess makes me giggle. Here she talks about how successful she is at laziness.

And Tara Whitney’s family portraits/photography are just dreamy.

Part Five of one of my favourite series: How To Be Awesome by Alison Faulkner Robertson. It’s called, “Avoiding the Comparison Trap.”

I’m excited for Katie to unwrap this book I got for her and her little one today at the baby shower! (She’s a Graphic Designer too. We’re nerds for this Pantone stuff.)

This Etsy shop, Crafts by Caleigh, is run by a Sydney gal, and I just ordered myself the harmonica necklace.

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1 Response to links loved / may 24

  1. peady says:

    I really love the kind nature of this post. Sharing is caring. Sharing a LOT of awesome is even better! 😀

    I love The Bloggess! Have you read the belly button update?

    Great post!

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