breakfast with buddha




A few weeks ago I thought Adam and I might be going to Chicago for a weekend. I was telling my Dad about this, and about how much I wanted to go see that city where my honey grew up. That reminded Dad that he had just read a book he thought I’d like (this happens a lot).

“It’s about a guy taking a road trip with a rinpoche,” Dad said, “across America.”

Since my Dad has been meditating and going on Buddhist retreats since I was a small child, I know what the word “rinpoche” means. Heck, I’ve even met a few!

I had some other books lined up that I wanted to read first, library books, but I knew that our friend Linda (hi Linda!) wanted to borrow the book after me, so I moved it up the list. (Tough decisions in my life, I know!) And I ended up being really taken with it.

It’s called “Breakfast with Buddha,” and it’s by Roland Merullo.

The main character, Otto Ringling, lives a peaceful, quite suburban life in New York with his wife, two kids and a dog. He keeps his (Christian) faith to himself and he likes it that way, doesn’t like to be pushed upon by other people’s ideas. Then his so-called ‘flaky’ sister asks him to take her guru, Volya Rinpoche, with Otto on a drive to North Dakota to settle their parents’ estate, since they (the parents) have just died in a car accident. Grudgingly he agrees, and ends up discovering new things about America, himself and faith along the way.

It was entertaining and a fairly quick read, with lots of dialogue and descriptions of the America they’re driving through.

(Unfortunately it’s not in the catalog of the library system, I checked. Who knows, though, it could be in another Nova Scotia library and you could do Interlibrary Loan.)

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on the dock






After the rain last night, it’s a muggy and windy morning. I went out to the docks to check the boats against my chart and enjoyed the breeze very much. Lots of movement out there today.


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I dig that shit.

Also, this.


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Out Of Black Cove



Last night I went to the Gaelic College to see the play “Out of Black Cove” by Bev Brett. Reason #1 being that my brother was in it, but reason #2, a very close second, being that I love everything Bev Brett and the St. Ann’s Bay Players do.

My friend and I got there early so we wandered the grounds, talking about the college and sharing our memories of the place. She went there as a kid, and I did not, but still, the place seems like it has always just been there.





Knowing that our friends were over in Whale Cove doing some yoga on the bluff, we climbed to the top of the tower and did some yoga of our own.


Todd Hiscock as AWR MacKenzie, the founder of the Gaelic College.


Forgive the crappy iPhone shot. From left, Jitka Zgola as Mary MacLeod, Frank MacKenzie as Rev. Norman MacLeod, Peggy Jenkins as Jessie, and Michele Stephens as Younger Anna.


At intermission I snuck backstage to give my brother a hug. Here he is with his castmates George Dauphney as Kenny and Frank MacKenzie as Rev. Norman Macleod.



Overall I thought the play was wonderful. Bev Brett is such a talented playwright – she weaves comedy and drama together into a beautiful cloth. Watching the play, history did come alive. It was easy to be interested in the stories, the twin stories of the Normanites, and the Gaelic College founders, because they were human, just like us, with love, passion, fear and strife just like we have now.

I also thought it was interesting how one of the most common themes here today, whether or not to leave, was present in Scotland in the 1850’s and in Cape Breton in the 1930’s. Perhaps it will always be so.

Anyway, a huge kudos to everyone involved with this play – truly a labor of love, it was so well done!

(It’s on tonight for the last time. Call the Gaelic College for more information – 295-3411.)

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I Heart Cape Breton postcards on Etsy now!



Hurray! I have an Etsy shop!

You can find it here.

I’m selling the postcards there at the moment.

(Confession: I have no idea what I’m doing. But I’m doing it anyway.)

The cards are also for sale at stores on the island. Baddeck and North Sydney and Ingonish at the moment, but I would love to have them at other stores too so get in touch if you want to sell them!

More info here on The Postcard page.

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Ooh heaven is a place on earth






Trying out blogging from my phone using the WordPress app. This is what my weekend looked like – dropping off postcards at Escape Outdoors in North Sydney, sitting by a river with books and food, with my phone turned off, for several hours on Saturday, then working on Sunday, where I saw the leg of Race the Cape leave (sort of), plus a sad impeller and a rad lobster/downhill skiing tattoo.

(Me to customer: “That’s a sweet tattoo! Can I take your picture? And can I put it on the Internet?”)

Tonight I’m going to see my brother perform in “Out of Black Cove” at the Gaelic College. I’d link to it but I’m not sure how yet on this app. Rather, I do, but it seems more complicated than I want to bother with right now.

Working the rest of the week – luckily though the heat had calmed down a bit, it’s nice and cool here, although still nice and sunny.

That’s all for now! Oh and I also brought some postcards to the Bell Buoy restaurant in Baddeck, so they’re available there too. Soon I will have an Etsy shop to sell them to people not on the island – somewhere in between marina work, design work (which I will share at some point!) and having a wee bit of a life, I’ll get that going.


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at the drive in

photo photo-4 photo-3 photo-2 photo-1 photo-6 photo-5


Last night I went to the drive-in for the very first time. I went with a friend who has been going there for twenty years, and while we were waiting for it to get dark and for the movie to start, she was talking about her memories of the drive-in. How she and her husband used to come there with a carload of people, hiding their drinks under their clothes. How they’d go on Tuesdays when a carload was $5, every week.

I think it was worth the price of admission for the intermission ad reel alone – I’m pretty sure it’s as vintage as you get.

I really enjoyed the drive-in. It was real. Old-school. Value for your money – $17.99 for a carload of people, gets you two movies. And the canteen is cheap. And you get to be outside, in the summertime, surrounded by other people.

To find out more you can check out the drive-in’s website here.

Do you have memories of the drive-in? I’d love to hear them!

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