at the drive in

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Last night I went to the drive-in for the very first time. I went with a friend who has been going there for twenty years, and while we were waiting for it to get dark and for the movie to start, she was talking about her memories of the drive-in. How she and her husband used to come there with a carload of people, hiding their drinks under their clothes. How they’d go on Tuesdays when a carload was $5, every week.

I think it was worth the price of admission for the intermission ad reel alone – I’m pretty sure it’s as vintage as you get.

I really enjoyed the drive-in. It was real. Old-school. Value for your money – $17.99 for a carload of people, gets you two movies. And the canteen is cheap. And you get to be outside, in the summertime, surrounded by other people.

To find out more you can check out the drive-in’s website here.

Do you have memories of the drive-in? I’d love to hear them!

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