the market at the yacht club

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I was sitting there, eating my lunch, when the folks sitting at the table with me starting singing a song in Gaelic. My Dad was eating samosas and mango lassi. I was eating German cheesecake. All around me there was activity – people coming and going, kids taking sailing lessons, people buying stuff at the market, people catching up with one another.

It felt vibrant, alive.

And I thought, Man, this place IS amazing. Right now, right this second, I am feeling it. Sitting right in the middle of all this awesome.

That’s all.

(Also awesome are the volunteers who work to put the market together, and the vendors who come to bring their wares. Without all this often-thankless work, this moment wouldn’t have happened.)

The Baddeck and Area Community Market website is here, and the Bras d’Or Yacht Club website is here.

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2 Responses to the market at the yacht club

  1. janinel22 says:

    I so agree – we have something special at the market in Baddeck and it’s hard to replicate elsewhere. I keep looking for the same feeling at Irish farmer’s markets but haven’t found it – yet.

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