photo photo-6 photo-5 photo-4 photo-3 photo-2 photo-1 The lake, the lake, the lake.

On my drive home, it’s there, a quick pull over and I tentatively walk in on slippery stones. I wait til I acclimatize at knee level, at hip level, at boob level. Then I push in. It’s always a shock, no matter how warm I am, or the water is. I breathe quickly at first, but then I relax and keep swimming. Then I pinch my nose – I never did learn how to duck under without pinching my nose – and go under, getting my face and hair wet.

I swim, swim, swim. I lie on my back, floating. I dip my toes up into the air. I do laps. I doggy paddle. I watch the sky, watch the happenings on shore. Last night there was a horse there! Along with the vet and his wife, who were cooling the horse down.

It is the Bras d’Or Lake, and it is home to me. Swim swim swim…


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2 Responses to swimswimswimswim

  1. Flossie says:

    Morning Glories growing wild on the beach ❤
    Thanks for sharing, Leah!

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