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Frugal Friday: Getting Thrifty

Last week in this column I published a piece by Brian Dean. his thoughts on thriftiness, and how to be truly free of money. Ever since then, I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m an impulse shopper, for sure. I … Continue reading

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stress = no fun, but balance = ??

It’s been a busy summer, and lately I’m thinking a bit about stress, to-do lists, and the balance between getting things done, and relaxing and letting life fill in the blanks. This list is obviously facetious, but I’ve definitely written … Continue reading

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Why should we care if rural communities live or die?

“Why should we care if rural communities live or die?” Kate Oland asked recently. I do care about what happens to rural communities, but I find that when I think about the life and death cycles of these human settlements … Continue reading

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Lately: July 2012

Loving the shadows on the floor of the marina. (I am there a lot. Many twelve-hour shifts.) Trying to appreciate every little bit of time I do get with my boyfriend, who lives on the Northside, and who I don’t … Continue reading

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Slow down. Please, slow down.

The fire siren went off about two hours ago. Our town still has a fire siren that sounds when the fire trucks are called out, and usually it’s a false alarm. I know that, because one of my co-workers is … Continue reading

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seasonal work (or, “you do what you gotta do”)

So we’re into July now, and that means that in Baddeck – and, I’d imagine, most other parts of the island – we’re now in the busiest two months of the year. You know that saying about making hay while … Continue reading

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A North Sydney High School Reunion

Last week I wrote a letter to the 2012 high school graduating class, inspired by the fact that it’s been ten years since I graduated from high school myself. To mark those ten years, some others from my own graduating … Continue reading

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