Lately: July 2012

Loving the shadows on the floor of the marina. (I am there a lot. Many twelve-hour shifts.)

Trying to appreciate every little bit of time I do get with my boyfriend, who lives on the Northside, and who I don’t get to see during the week. (His and hers beer at Swiss Chalet. Mmmm ribs…)

Seeing the summer light. From early morning til evening. It’s so pretty.

Cuddling a teacup chihuahua. This is me and Tomate, who belonged to a French family passing through Baddeck harbour last week on a sailboat. They stayed on a mooring at the marina and came in to the store with him. I fell in love immediately. At first sight. They let me hold him while they went and did errands. I had him with me at the front desk for a whole hour! He was very chilled out and just hung out in my arms. LOVE.

Sharing photos on Instagram, and still enjoying it. (This is a used book for sale at the marina. I love the fonts, the design!)

Wishing there was more time in the day to write and post all the blog post ideas that come to me, all the time. It’s true what they say, by the way: once you start to nurture your creativity, it responds and the ideas start coming, and coming. Make sure you have notebooks at the ready.

Preparing for school in the fall by applying for a student line of credit at the bank, and a Nova Scotia student loan. Lots of papers, in file folders. Ducks in a row.

Answering the phone at work. “Baddeck Marine, this is Leah, good morning.” The phone rings probably every two to five minutes. All day long.

Thinking about a talk I’m doing next month at the Baddeck Library and starting to gather my thoughts for it.

Dreaming vivid dreams and wishing there was more time to parse them, come morning.

Watching my mother’s gardens grow. They are so, so beautiful. The fruits of her labour. Food and flowers.

Riding my bike to work and back, every now and then. It is sweet, contemplative time in the morning and the evening. And I love how I really experience the roadside as I bike along – smell the flowers in the air, and hear the birdsong.

Laughing with customers. Locals that I know well, and people from all over the world who are just passing through. Laughter is so good – such a good release.

(As always, Elise Blaha inspires me. This is her “Currently” post that she does once a month.)

(And, here are some other “lately” posts that I’ve done on this blog: here, here and here.)

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