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A day with Rhonda: Cape Breton Miners’ Museum + more in Glace Bay

This past winter I got an email from a lady in California who was thinking of coming to Cape Breton. She had found my blog by Googling “Cape Breton,” found the blog interesting, and wondered if I could help her … Continue reading

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a quick strawberry sketch

Thought process: “It’s 7 am. What am I going to blog about today?” “Hmm, I like cherries. Maybe I’ll whip out my sketchbook and draw these cherries I’ve been munching on for a half hour while I made Adam’s lunch.” … Continue reading

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berries and a beach

Yesterday I spent the morning doing some cleaning in the house. (And, some thinking about cleaning, it’s frustrations and the joy of having it done, too. Mulling stuff for a post down the road.) Then it was time to get … Continue reading

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four new goals

It’s past the middle of the year now and I’m ready to ditch my first four simple goals and call them done. And, I’m ready to make four new goals! First, an catch-up and an update: Catch-up: This is the post … Continue reading

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my new job! at Horizon Achievement Centre

So I can finally! tell you all! about this new job! Can you tell I’m excited? Yeah. Just a little bit. I’ll lay off the exclamation points from here on out, I promise. Especially since I think I used my … Continue reading

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  Much-needed, soaked-up, lazy lazy fun times. Ahh yeah…good stuff, vacation. (We just got back from three days hanging out in Eastern Passage with Adam’s cousin’s family, and assorted neighbours and friends who would come by to eat barbecue and … Continue reading

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quick post Friday

Yesterday was awesome. I took a bunch of pictures and I’ll share them here next week in a 30walks post. But at the moment I’ve got a client project that I need (and want!) to be working on, so I’m going … Continue reading

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