Much-needed, soaked-up, lazy lazy fun times. Ahh yeah…good stuff, vacation.

(We just got back from three days hanging out in Eastern Passage with Adam’s cousin’s family, and assorted neighbours and friends who would come by to eat barbecue and drink some beers. I got to see my brother too, who lives in Halifax these days. At one point he and I went on a drive out to Lawrencetown Beach just to check it out. Here are some photos!)

Also, this heat wave feels really sudden to me… anyone else? Maybe that’s because I don’t really pay attention to the weather forecast.

And, this week is KitchenFest! Have you been taking in some of the shows? I… haven’t. But I might. See above: lazy.


longweekend3 longweekend4

Me rocking the goofy glasses-over-glasses look.
longweekend5 longweekend6 longweekend7 longweekend8 longweekend9 longweekend10 longweekend11 longweekend12 longweekend13 longweekend14 longweekend15 longweekend16 longweekend17 longweekend18 longweekend19 longweekend20 longweekend21 longweekend22 longweekend23 longweekend24 longweekend25 longweekend26

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