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a day in the life / marina

(Also known as, “me turning my boring day-to-day routine into a post!”) (So these pictures aren’t actually in chronological order, but the writing will be. They’re just shots I’ve been taking over the last couple of weeks, thinking to myself … Continue reading

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collage / marina

I used to LOVE to make collages when I was a kid. I remember getting a bunch of Vogue magazines from Susanna Fuller (a neighbour’s daughter who was in her late teens or early twenties – I don’t remember exactly, … Continue reading

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Chimney Corner

I was that desperate to get over to Chimney Corner yesterday evening. I made sure the till was counted and everything was ready so that right at 6 pm, the time we close on Sundays, I locked up, got in … Continue reading

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These days I’m … … a little under the weather with a head cold, but working anyway. …feeling like hibernating (possibly as a result of the head cold). …working a lot of long hours now that I am back from … Continue reading

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still dreaming

Lately I’m reconsidering. Re-evaluating, re-viewing, re-thinking. All those “re-” words. This blog, mainly. (Everything else in my life right now is actually just fine as it is.) Thinking, “What am I doing? Why am I doing it?” At the start, … Continue reading

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swing of things

The day after I got home from New Jersey, which was yesterday, I had the day off. I had originally thought I would go straight back to work after the trip, but I’m so glad I didn’t. I’m so glad … Continue reading

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travelling to NJ

The weekend was good. I mean, it was sad too. Yesterday I shed some tears for sure when we were sprinkling Grandpa’s ashes at the base of a tree. But it’s been overall really good. We stood in a circle … Continue reading

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