20130809-090142.jpg These days I’m …

… a little under the weather with a head cold, but working anyway.

…feeling like hibernating (possibly as a result of the head cold).

…working a lot of long hours now that I am back from my trip to New Jersey. Starting at 8 am and going through to 8 pm sounds great on paper (think of the money!) but gets old, for sure.

…trying not to wish August away. (The intellectual part of me knows it’s not good to wish time away, and it’s better to try and live in the moment, yadda yadda. But, I do miss my home and my honey, and I can’t wait for school to start.)

…walking every day, even just a little bit. (I’m posting pictures on my Instagram under the hashtag #walkaday). As of four days, anyway. I definitely want to get more exercise in the mix, as it feels so good when I do it. Plus, I find that making time for a walk that is just a walk (not a walk somewhere specific to do a specific thing) is such great “me time”. So good for breaking up a busy day.

… looking into registering a business name and/or a business bank account, and feeling just a teensy bit overwhelmed!

…remembering, though, that its good to take risks and step out of my comfort zone. This is how life is.

…standing on the sidelines of the Baddeck Regatta, selling ice and fuel and wharfage spots, and observing the sailors as they come in and out of the store. In some ways I wish sailing were ‘my thing’, but I have to admit, it’s not. It seems like it’s been a good week for those who are into it, though!

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1 Response to roadsides

  1. Gayle Bird says:

    Registering a business name is not at all scary! You can do it online, even 🙂

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