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travelling to NJ

The weekend was good. I mean, it was sad too. Yesterday I shed some tears for sure when we were sprinkling Grandpa’s ashes at the base of a tree. But it’s been overall really good. We stood in a circle … Continue reading

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breakfast with buddha

A few weeks ago I thought Adam and I might be going to Chicago for a weekend. I was telling my Dad about this, and about how much I wanted to go see that city where my honey grew up. … Continue reading

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good to go, good to come home

  A getaway is good. Even if the concert gets cancelled, the power goes out a lot, the heat is nearly unbearable and the hotel just isn’t that great. It’s still a getaway. It’s still a new place, some time … Continue reading

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dream big is traveling

These pictures aren’t in any order. On travel: despite having done a fair bit of travel, big cities always surprise me with just how many people there are. Is it because I’m from a small town and a small island? … Continue reading

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Q+A: Angelo Spinazzola

I’ve known Angelo for over ten years now, ever since I used to work for Deanie Cox when she ran her shop “Shape Shift” in North River. My best friends Will and Claire and my brother Mat worked for Angelo … Continue reading

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Slow down. Please, slow down.

The fire siren went off about two hours ago. Our town still has a fire siren that sounds when the fire trucks are called out, and usually it’s a false alarm. I know that, because one of my co-workers is … Continue reading

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Last weekend: stepping out in Halifax

So last weekend I headed off-island. I actually do get kind of a funny feeling when I drive onto the causeway and off Cape Breton. It’s a little twinge as if I’m driving away from the home of a loved … Continue reading

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