Last weekend: stepping out in Halifax

So last weekend I headed off-island. I actually do get kind of a funny feeling when I drive onto the causeway and off Cape Breton. It’s a little twinge as if I’m driving away from the home of a loved one.

First up was Truro and the annual banquet of the Nova Scotia Co-Operative Council. I have no ties to this organization, except for my friends Meghan Farrell and Mark Sparrow (those with good memories will remember I interviewed Mark right here on this blog) who work for it. The reason I went is that the guest speaker was supposed to be Erin Brockovitch – the real one, not Julia Roberts – but by the time I had everything planned (my going on to Halifax, my hotel room, the time booked off work), she had cancelled due to a family emergency, and the replacement speaker, Reggie Love, sounded pretty cool too. So I went.

Then I went on to Halifax and stayed with a friend and saw some other friends. You know, good times!

Also, I’m thinking semi-seriously about getting some Cosmic Bingo going here on the island. Anyone want to take that idea and run with it?

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1 Response to Last weekend: stepping out in Halifax

  1. Krista says:

    I think Cosmic Bingo was pretty much the best thing ever.

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