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links loved / mar 1

This shot was snapped quickly while I was driving across the Seal Island Bridge yesterday, on my way to Baddeck to my friend Tanis’s hair salon. She’s been doing my hair for years and so I trusted her to chop … Continue reading

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First day of Facebook holiday

Yesterday I felt pretty dang frustrated about having so little time to get my schoolwork done. I feel like great graphic design springs from a happy and balanced designer, and for this designer, happiness and balance is equal parts “time … Continue reading

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two walks

At the start of this year I set myself some goals. One of them was to move more. To that end I’ve been keeping track of my daily movement on a little calendar, in crayon. (And no, the colours of … Continue reading

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money money money, must be funny

So I keep thinking to myself, “I really want to write a post about money. And about not having any. And how much that sucks, how much it messes with your head in a culture that loves to sell things … Continue reading

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multitude monday / feb 24

My friend and classmate Katie MacLennan writes a great blog called Polka Dot Soup. On it she writes a post some Mondays called “Multitude Monday.” She writes, “Mondays are about documenting the little (or big!) things in life that make me oh-so-happy. Let’s … Continue reading

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links loved / feb 22

Here are some things I’ve seen lately that I thought I’d share. My #1 blogging inspiration, Elise is doing them once a week now and it’s inspiring me to do the same. Today is when Elise’s first product of the “Make29” series … Continue reading

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snow day video fun

Another storm is hitting the island today and I’m staying home from school. Adam got to work in Sydney and called me to say, “Stay home if you can.” He’s a tough guy so that was a first! Luckily we … Continue reading

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