links loved / feb 22

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Here are some things I’ve seen lately that I thought I’d share. My #1 blogging inspiration, Elise is doing them once a week now and it’s inspiring me to do the same.

Today is when Elise’s first product of the “Make29” series is released, and it’s a beautiful letterpress poster. If I had any extra money whatsoever I’d be ordering one!

Katie shares beautiful photos of a road trip she and her husband took last August to Newfoundland.

I really really loved this encouraging post at A Beautiful Mess by Emma, about re-thinking being a “failure,” and reminding me that my dream life will likely look different than how I envisioned. “Being successful in whatever you are pursing in life is never going to magically happen one day and then it’s done. It’s an ongoing thing.”

I think these reasons why being 40 is awesome could also apply to being 30, which is the age I’m turning this year.

This is a funny Twitter bio generator.

And this is a great local-to-NS gardening blog, which I read mainly because it lets me dream of summertime and growing things. (And eating fresh-grown things!)

I could spend hours looking at the gorgeous work of Chicago-based design duo INDO. (It’s all recycled materials!)

And this super-cute print of an illustration by Malaysian artist Lim Heng Swee makes me smile. Hugs keep us alive!

Enjoy your weekend!

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