snow day video fun

Another storm is hitting the island today and I’m staying home from school. Adam got to work in Sydney and called me to say, “Stay home if you can.” He’s a tough guy so that was a first! Luckily we have power and Internet, and a lot of my graphic design schoolwork can be done at home and communicated about over the Internet.

As far as more of a post, today I got nothin, but I thought I would share these two videos with you. (Because really, on a snow day, productivity is already at a low. So why not watch videos on the Internet.) The first is an incredibly catchy song that I bought on iTunes after a friend shared it on Facebook, and I’ve been playing it, seriously, non-stop ever since. It makes me want to dance and dance and dance! It makes me so, well, happy.

The second video is by Alison Faulkner, who I discovered just the other day through an Instagram link by Rachel Denbow. The video is six minutes long and the gal is adorable. She talks about projects she got super excited about, that ultimately didn’t do well, but how they prepared her for stuff she did since. The idea is, just get started. Don’t put it off.

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4 Responses to snow day video fun

  1. As long as you’re watching videos on a snow day:

  2. simonlise says:

    first one, catchy tune . .name of tune and performer please?


  3. Brett says:

    Leah, I liked both videos and especially the optimistic “seize the day” advice by Rachel Denbow. Completely agree with her very good advice!

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