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linksloved This shot was snapped quickly while I was driving across the Seal Island Bridge yesterday, on my way to Baddeck to my friend Tanis’s hair salon. She’s been doing my hair for years and so I trusted her to chop off my long hair so I can go short! (Edit: this shot shows the hairdo better.) I love a good change of hair style. It feels so refreshing. I don’t have much money these days to go out shopping for a new wardrobe, so this will have to do. And so far I am loving it.

Here are some things I’ve seen lately that I thought I’d share. My #1 blogging inspiration, Elise is doing them once a week now and it’s inspiring me to do the same.

8 Things To Do Alone for a change.

Sweet version of Mo Kenney’s song “Sucker”.

James Victore on getting lazy as a designer.

Elise, three years ago, on social media and what’s the right fit for you.

How to stop comparing yourself to others.

How cooking for others comes back to feed you by the Nova Scotia Local Traveller blog.

A beautiful 2 minute video in this post, about a beautiful greeting-card company that was started to cultivate gratitude. I also love the little peeks at the printing and design process.

I recently began a three-week retreat from Facebook. This article at the Globe and Mail from 2010 (four years ago!) is interesting: “Focusing on too many things [says Julie Morgenstern] impairs our ability to get anything done. “And the feeling of not getting anything done,” she says, “is very, very, very de-energizing to people.””

Have a great weekend, whether plugged or unplugged.

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2 Responses to links loved / mar 1

  1. jocelyne says:

    your new dooo looks good, but I would not say that you now have short hair, you have shorter hair than you did, but it is still pretty long. . (compare top photo to new hair photo, biig difference -NO)
    All that being said, it looks GREAT . .

    • leahcnoble says:

      Thanks Jocelyn! The photo is a bit deceiving, it looks like my hair is tucked into my scarf. The hairdresser took six inches off! It’s now above my shoulders. I feel it’s short! 🙂

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