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Looking up, looking down, looking all around

Where is the grass greener? I honestly don’t care. It’s pretty green right here. Green enough for me. Springtime – yes. Fresh air and all kinds of life stirring and popping and growing and just – yes. Yes. Yes! I’m … Continue reading

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Q+A with Madonna Doucette

Oh, Madonna. I like to call her my “evil twin”. (I got that term from Elsie Larson’s online class “Blog Love”, which is all about developing your blog to make it the very best it can be. In the course, one … Continue reading

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Back to work, then off to Banff.

This is where I work, Baddeck Marine. I was laid off for the winter, but then they hired me back for the summer. I started this week. I work in the store – technically I’m the “store manager”, but I … Continue reading

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Locals vs. Come-From-Aways

On an island where being “from here” holds a lot of value – because those from here are really proud of Cape Breton, and of being Cape Bretoners – it makes sense that an opposite category, that of being “from … Continue reading

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Inspiration every day

Inspiration is not just the currency of rich or old people, of tourists staring out over Cape Breton’s look-offs, or of academia. It is real. It belongs to everyone, even those on welfare or EI, even those surrounded by concrete … Continue reading

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Q+A with Natalie Fraser

Natalie Fraser is 29 years old, originally from Sydney, and now living in Ottawa. She’s training for her first marathon and trying to fundraise $5000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada, motivated by her friend’s son Liam who … Continue reading

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“Ideas Powered by Passion” – Why Rural Matters

It starts by writing. This is me in the Toronto Airport last week. It was the day before I was to give a short speech as part of “Ideas Powered by Passion”, in Sydney, and before the flight I was … Continue reading

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