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Q+A with Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton hardly needs introduction, but in case you’ve been living under a rock lately, she’s a brilliant and witty Canadian cartoonist who recently won a Doug Wright Award for her book “Hark! A Vagrant,” which is based on her … Continue reading

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My trip to Banff, last week

The trip to Banff – was incredible. I started out in Sydney, catching a 6:30 flight out. I love that airports have Wifi now, so layovers have gotten a lot more interesting. I got to read emails and my fave … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned in the last four months

So I think this is a good time to do a bit of an update on how this project is going for me, so far. In a word: awesome!!!! (In case you’re a new reader and you want some background, … Continue reading

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Q+A with Jay McNeil

Jay McNeil is the News Director for Newcap Radio in Cape Breton, which owns 101.9 The Giant (top 40 hits) and 103.5 The Eagle (country music). He cohosts The Early Show on The Eagle (weekdays 6AM-9AM). If you would like … Continue reading

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The view from my room at the Banff Centre: See, volunteering for stuff in your own community DOES pay off! (I’m here because I am a volunteer director, one of five, for the Cabot Trail Writers Festival, and I’m about … Continue reading

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Erin the Librarian – Beer Gardens

The books reviewed here are available through the Cape Breton Regional Library. Grains are one of those things backyard gardeners tend to avoid. I know when I think of grains I tend to think of massive wheat farms in Saskatchewan. … Continue reading

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Mama’s Day

Thank goodness for Mamas. Without them, where would we be? Without them, actually, I wouldn’t even be here to ask that question! We need our mamas. (We need our papas too, but I’ll talk about that in June.) Whether your … Continue reading

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