My trip to Banff, last week

The trip to Banff – was incredible. I started out in Sydney, catching a 6:30 flight out.

I love that airports have Wifi now, so layovers have gotten a lot more interesting. I got to read emails and my fave blogs that post daily.

The trip was an amazing opportunity, and it seems to have come along at just the right moment. I met other directors of literary festivals from across the country – big festivals like the Vancouver International Writers Festival (6 days, budget over one million dollars, 150+ authors) and other little ones like Eden Mills Writers’ Festival, which takes place in a couple of backyards bordering a river. Networking was easy because all I wanted to do was talk to these folks, pick their brains, chat about experiences, and learn about each others’ festivals.

The Banff Centre was stunning – and that’s not hyperbole, I felt slightly stunned the entire time I was there. Blown away by the beauty all around and above us, and thrown for a loop by the warm welcome I felt from the centre – which, as I kept saying to people, felt like Heaven. Absolute heaven. Great food, great company, and some solitude too – I would love to return there to do a retreat someday.

So, after a couple more quick flights Eastward, I’m back in Cape Breton. (And I must give a shout-out to my seatmates Lisa and Corette, on the fun and zany flight from Toronto back to Sydney – hope you ladies had a fun weekend with your families!)

And now I’m back to work! It’s getting busy at the marina; people are starting to think about getting their boats in the water. The store is pretty much all back together, and just in time – I think this lovely weather means summer might just be here…

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9 Responses to My trip to Banff, last week

  1. Christina says:

    SO awesome! I really want to visit Banff. It seems like you could spend a week there just taking pictures and enjoying the crazy scenery. I love watching the plane on the screen too – I like knowing what I’m flying over!

  2. Ooooo. Aaaaah! It’s still gorgeous!

  3. Cecile says:

    I like the way you take us on your trip with the photos from the plane in Sydney, the layover in Toronto and then we are there in Banff. It’s a beautiful country we live in, great job writing and blogging about it!

  4. bev brett says:

    Love looking at your pics of Banff and the centre- I’ve been at the Centre twice in May for the playwrights colony and I agree with the way we are all treated- artists are honored and respected!
    And I lived there for a couple of years when i was young– slept in the laundry room at the banff centre.

    • leahcnoble says:

      Wow, Bev! I knew you had been there for the playwrights colony (and thought of you while I was there!) but I didn’t know you lived there when you were younger. Why did you sleep in the laundry room!?!

      • bev brett says:

        Accommodation was hard to find and i was desperate to stay – so I’d work in the day and sneak into the laundry room at night to sleep. I also lived in a tent untill a bear ripped it apart. Or I got keys and snucjk into empty rooms. Later on I cleaned the house and worked in the store for the artistic director of the Banff Centre.

  5. Corette Stevens says:

    Hey Leah, great to meet you. That was the most fun I have had on a flight! Corette

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