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Toronto Part Deux

The last half of my Toronto trip last week was spent lazily vacationing with my boyfriend Adam. We’re pretty relaxed travelers, in that we like to just check a few things out, take our time, eat good food, and enjoy … Continue reading

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Sydney Poet Jesse Ferguson – “Ovation”

April is National Poetry Month. You can read more about it here at the website of The Academy of American Poets, but what you need to know, basically, is that it is a month-long, national celebration of poetry established by … Continue reading

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back home – “God’s country”

We spent today in airports and airplanes. In some ways, it’s enjoyable – people watching, and good food, and the crazy miracle that is airplane travel. (I get such a rush at take-off, and landing. Like – “WOW! Here we … Continue reading

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the planet and the girl

I no longer doubt that I’m a writer. Not one bit. I’ve been in Toronto now for three days. All I want to do is write. And take photos. And walk around, soaking up inspiration. And then write more. It … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Neighbourhood

My friend Brian is notorious for cleaning up the neighbourhood where he lives – he takes truckloads of garbage bags to the dump every couple of months – so a month ago I asked if he would write a post … Continue reading

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vive le quebec!

This post is a doozy! Forty-five photos, so be warned. Getting out of Dodge – just like in “Under the Tuscan Sun,” which, yes, is one of my favorite movies – sometimes a person needs to just get away. Enough … Continue reading

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Victoria County Plans Community Garden for Baddeck

This is so exciting! Behind the courthouse in Baddeck, the County is creating a community garden. Beds are only ten bucks! Here is both a short Q+A with Lyn Duchesney of Morgan’s Brook Landscaping, and the article that the local … Continue reading

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