back home – “God’s country”

We spent today in airports and airplanes. In some ways, it’s enjoyable – people watching, and good food, and the crazy miracle that is airplane travel. (I get such a rush at take-off, and landing. Like – “WOW! Here we go, up in the air! Up in this big heavy machine, we’re now – flying! Crazy!”)

In other ways, it drives me nuts and makes me want to murder everyone around me. I don’t know why! But, I think it’s getting worse the older I get. When traveling by air, I’m just tired and short of patience, and I hate sitting all crammed in with other people. And no-one really *wants* to be there, and we’re all thinking that everyone else is a bonehead who packed way too much carry-on luggage.

Oh, well. This morning I woke up in Toronto, and as of 6 pm, I am back home in Cape Breton.

I especially like flying in to the Sydney airport, and looking out the window of the tiny Air Canada Jazz aircraft, down over this beautiful island. And it’s good to smell salt air and to have to walk across the tarmac to get inside the terminal. I like the smallness. I like the home-ness.

It’s good to be back.

(Photos and a bit more Toronto time to come soon, hopefully tomorrow, and then back to ‘regular programming’ with Q+As, guest posts, etc.)

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2 Responses to back home – “God’s country”

  1. Tanya says:

    Haha..Carry-on luggage sets me on edge!! Oh and don’t get me started on jackets….You are in the airport and you decide to hold everyone up by taking your jacket off on the plane…then fold it twenty times….

    • leahcnoble says:

      Yeah, jackets. They’re the worst! And I’m an offender, I gotta admit. Although I don’t fold the freaking thing. I just crumple it up and hold it on my lap.

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