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the market at the yacht club

I was sitting there, eating my lunch, when the folks sitting at the table with me starting singing a song in Gaelic. My Dad was eating samosas and mango lassi. I was eating German cheesecake. All around me there was … Continue reading

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The lake, the lake, the lake. On my drive home, it’s there, a quick pull over and I tentatively walk in on slippery stones. I wait til I acclimatize at knee level, at hip level, at boob level. Then I … Continue reading

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Nick Phillips on hope in hard times

Last month I was feeling low about things. A couple of my close friends were either moving out West or talking about maybe having to go. It made me feel quite down on the Island, feeling like whatever we do, won’t … Continue reading

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good to go, good to come home

  A getaway is good. Even if the concert gets cancelled, the power goes out a lot, the heat is nearly unbearable and the hotel just isn’t that great. It’s still a getaway. It’s still a new place, some time … Continue reading

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dream big is traveling

These pictures aren’t in any order. On travel: despite having done a fair bit of travel, big cities always surprise me with just how many people there are. Is it because I’m from a small town and a small island? … Continue reading

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dust and roses

It’s been hot and quiet at work. Like feels-like-40-with-the-humidex hot. So I’ve given myself permission to take it easy and sit in front of the fan at work these last couple of days. And so that’s how today I came … Continue reading

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…and the livin’ is easy

Today was super warm. Somewhere in the high 20’s, and the Humidex made it feel like low 30’s. That’s a hot summer’s day around here. I walked uptown at lunch time and these are some shots I took with my … Continue reading

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