dust and roses


Last night, swimming at Stony Beach (or MacManus’ beach) along the Bay Road. That water felt glorious.


Flowers outside the marina.


My best friend these last two days. Thanks Flossie for buying it and bringing it to me!


Do you need yellow boots? Cuz we got yellow boots.


Looking out the front door of the marina.


Nothing’s really in focus but I like this shot anyway. I feel like it shows how hot it has been.


We have amazing customers. One brought us all ice capps this morning. Mmmm…


I had to go over to Cape Breton Boatyard this afternoon for a meeting. I saw this there.


This was the sky last night when I got home from work and then swimming. It makes me think of the Daniel Lanois song “Under a Stormy Sky.”


I feel like this photo also is good for showing the hot, dusty feeling around here these days.

It’s been hot and quiet at work. Like feels-like-40-with-the-humidex hot. So I’ve given myself permission to take it easy and sit in front of the fan at work these last couple of days.

And so that’s how today I came to be reading the archives of a blog. I don’t do that very often; I mean, who has the time? And let’s face it, most blogs are pretty… well … they can get old fast. But this one gal, Elise, used to post daily and I got used to that. Then she had her baby, or something, and only posts a couple of times a week now! Sheesh..

Anyway, so I decided, hey, today I’m gonna go back and read her archives! From when she was in college and then when she graduated and was still just girlfriend to Paul, before she married him and had a baby.

(Also, it’s weird that I know all of this about a person I have not met. I know. But, the Internet is weird in general.)

Anyway, so I’ve been reading her archives. Posts about random stuff, and it’s inspiring me. To post more often. To worry less about “the point” of the blog (“meaning! community! who knows!”) and just post. Pictures. Thoughts. Whatever.

So there’s that. We’ll see how it goes but I think I might just say ‘fuck it’ (yep, I curse too sometimes) and post whatever I feel like. Whenever. And get a little goofy.


So yeah, I’m almost done work for the day. And a seven day work stretch. And tomorrow morning I’m gonna be on a plane bound for Toronto! I .. can’t wait. I know, it will be hot there too. But I can wear cool dresses and sip cool drinks and try to stay in shady spots.

And I get to be with my fella who I haven’t seen in a week. Which is lame because some people around here go months without seeing their partners, who work out West or wherever, and I can barely go a week? But, whatevs. I’ll have my turn at that someday, probably.

I’m gonna go read some more archives. And maybe have a snack. That is all for now.

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2 Responses to dust and roses

  1. Anneke says:

    Have fun in Toronto…be sure to visit the Island and Whippoorwill for brunch when you’re there!

  2. BILL ANNEKEN says:

    hey who is this Anneke with so much in common with my last name Anneken?? Have fun with yer fella as well!

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